GTA V: Next Gen Edition - A Review
Posted: 12/5/2014 6:36:26 PM
By: WebPimp

This recap/review of Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto V will be on the merits of what they did when it came to recreating a game for the next generation consoles and PC. I say recreated because quite frankly, it is almost like playing an entirely different game again. As usual, Rockstar has outdone themselves and you can tell they took care into updating the already fantastic Grand Theft Auto V to look as good as it can be with new hardware. This review will not be into the storyline or characters and so forth as it has been taken care of already after the original release. That in mind, lets get to the visually fantastic update you truly must have.

In case you haven’t heard already, with this update you will now be able to do pretty much everything you’ve ever wanted to in first person mode for the game. An absolutely brilliant implementation of what I believe to really be what everyone that is a fan of the series believes it should act and behave like. Just being able to walk around the world in this view makes everything just seem so different that you will have no problem going through the storyline again to experience everything from when you originally did it.  Sadly, because the game is so massive, you immediately get stuck doing side activities but it is all just so awesome that you want to experience it all. You can easily move between these views by, at least on the Xbox One, selecting what used to be the select button on the control (I still don’t know the official name for this button). This will move you in and out of the various views you are already accustomed to and then back into first person seamlessly. 

Being able to move into gunfights with this new view feels right. Like it wasn’t forced into the game and with all of the various amounts of custom settings you can do with the cameras depending what mode you are in, makes things really nice now. For instance you can adjust your settings so that when you are within cover, the camera can snap out to third person allowing you to see around you, letting you know when to make the right move to take that shot against the target you’re after. Aiming our weapon of choice  is nicely done allowing you to line up your rifle and let loose a bead of pain down the back of your next victim.  While gunfights are now fun plus more, so is driving. Seeing yourself step into a car feels natural as you open a door, step in or throw out whoever may be sitting there, closing the door and placing your hands on the wheel is all remarkably well done. You get to view all of the different dashes that one would expect from different vehicles. If you have someone riding along with you, you can move your head around and see who it is, both in and out of the storyline. Yes, this means you get the first person view of having sex with that hooker  you found down the street. But, to be honest, it would be nice to perhaps add a feature in which you can actually drink those latte’s sitting in your car’s cup holder. But hey, we can’t have everything. If you are thirsty though, remember, you can drink all of the alcohol that you want and you’ll get to experience various views of being drunk from that of a software developer. Which, by the looks of things, is pretty spot on.  This new update has also added many new tracks to their already extensive music selection within the game which includes over 150 new songs and updated radio DJ commentary. While we don’t have the PS4 version of the game, it is understood that you can easily switch stations in the game by using the touchpad on the controller.

Technically the game has been upgraded with lots of new things due to the newly available horsepower. Some of the key points on this include increased resolutions to 1080p at 30fps on the Xbox One and PS4 while those who will be playing the game on the PC will be 4K compatible. Increased draw and detail distances as well as updated and increased texture resolution. You will be able to tell right away that things are new in the game. Some of that new stuff is that all of the recent GTA Online updates that came to the game are available straight from the beginning. That means you have a years worth of updated vehicles, weapons, air and sea vehicles and other little tweaks Rockstar added over the time GTA V has been out since its first release.

All of this is available with GTA Online as well so it is not just a first person thing for the single player game. And if you have an already hefty alt within the previous version of the game, you can easily transfer him over to your new world, and get a little bit of cash for it provided you did the pre order. Just be sure to have had yourself registered with the Rockstar Social Club first. Which, if we are honest here, you should have already done that because it is a really good service. Rockstar is always putting on social events and giving lots of positive updates while letting you and the developers kill each other in various random and lovingly fun ways.  There are more apartments for you to buy, hairstyles, tattoos, clothing, and vehicle mods to play with now as well as being able to use more than 150 newly added props if you are one of those super smart GTA Online content creators. If you are a returning player, there are also some extra special features that you will be able to get, like the extra special Dodo seaplane. We all know you want to fly that. Head over to the GTA website to see some of these details to get an idea of everything that you will be able to do which is way beyond the scope of those article. Click me!

At this point, one would write some conclusion bringing about a combination of the feelings on the game, and suggestions on what to do in some lengthy form because I guess that is just what you do. It could just be to add a bit of extra word count or as you are writing and if you tend to be a little verbose it will all seem normal. We won’t do that though because we have a very simple message for you: GO OUT AND BUY THIS! YOU WON’T REGRET IT!

5 out of 5 Widows.