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I love fall when it comes to video games. Why? Because we get lots of good things. Watch_Dogs 2 is no exception. Coming 11.15.2016 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, we get the next update to a really great IP where we get to follow Marcus Holloway in San Franciso teaming up with Deadsec to try and shut down Blume and its CTO, Dusan Nemec. If you watch the video closely, there are going to be some faces you may be familiar with from the last game.

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Good morning. Today we have a video from Bethesda for Dishonored 2 giving you a bit of what it'll be like with the ways you can creatively kill your enemies within the game. Take a look at how Emily Kaldwin and Corvo Attano take their powers and come up with what seems be limitless in the ways you can cause havoc.

Remember, Dishonored 2 will be available 11.11.2016 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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If you've been looking to get yourself back into the ages of old and need to swing some steel while most likely wearing some steel and needing it to land on human bone, then Ubisoft's For Honor is probably going to whet that appetite a bit. Recently, there was a closed alpha on PS4 causing those on Xbox One and Windows PC to a bit angry. From 09.15.2016-09.18.2016 you can now do your own bit of fun by signing up at and get in on the action.


The closed alpha will test a work-in-progress slice of the multiplayer content with a limited number of players in order to generate feedback and assess for stability. During this test, players will get their chance to embody skilled and deadly elite warriors from the Knight, Viking and Samurai factions. The closed alpha will feature four previously showcased Heroes including the Kensei, Orochi, Warden and Raider, plus two brand-new warriors, Conqueror and Berserker. Each Hero is equipped with a unique set of skills, weapons, armor and fighting styles, as well as a wide library of customization options.

The closed alpha will also give players a first look at the progression system as they unlock new abilities, new weapons and armor, as well as new visual customization possibilities following their fight on the battlefield. The For Honor team recently released spotlight videos of each of the playable Heroes in the closed alpha here:

Three out of the five multiplayer modes will be available for this test, including Duel (a 1v1 mode), Brawl (a 2v2 mode) and Dominion (a 4v4 mode). Each mode has different maps allowing fans to develop their tactical skills by using the environments to their advantage."

Expect to see For Honor out on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC 02.14.2017

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Bethesda is getting you ready for the good stuff coming 11.11.2016. Below is a trailer taking a look at Corvo Attano from Dishonored 2. Take a look " Corvo Attano enacts his vengeance on Delilah, the otherworldly usurper who has seized the throne from his daughter, Empress Emily Kaldwin."  Dishonored 2 gives you the choice to play as Cravo or as Empress Emily Kaldwin and also allowing you to play in complete stealth, serious death dealer style, or do what you must and combine them both.

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Boy. It has been awhile since we last did a post. Sorry about that. Someone in the family passed away, so that kind of took priority. Today we have for you a gameplay walkthrough trailer for watch Dogs 2. According to the press release, "...this new demonstration, a small slice of the expansive San Francisco Bay Area is explored, as Marcus wanders through such world-famous landmarks as Coit Tower and Fisherman’s Wharf. Enhanced hacking and driving mechanics, use of drones, deeper customization options and world activities are on display in this extensive look into the gameplay experience.

Marcus also encounters various online multiplayer scenarios, where he gets caught in Bounty situations - both as the hunter and the hunted - and joins a friend for co-op missions."

Expect to see WD2 out on store shelves 11.15.2016 for your current gen console of choice and PC.


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