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2K and Turtle Rock Studios have released their next video in the Evolution of Evolve Series. Today's video is about the Planet Shear which will discuss what has taken place to create making all of the maps within Evolve.

In case you haven't seen the other videos, check out the complete list below:

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Epic Games's Fortnite has begun its alpha testing. This means you can head over to and sign up and see if you are magically selected to test the game for them and try not to be jaded about it in the future. Epic released a new video discussing art and enemy design. So why not watch the video then go sign up for the alpha!

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If you recall, there is another zombie game coming out and it is called Dying Light. This one though has some good tweaks to it and should liven up the genre that to be honest, is quite played out. We have some information for you today and for starters, why not get a load of the official story trailer:

Roaming a city devastated by a mysterious epidemic that turns people into zombies, players will assume the role of Kyle Crane, an undercover operative sent to infiltrate the quarantine zone. Sheer chaos, warring factions and a suspicious mission all tug at Crane’s decisions for what he has been told is “the greater good”. Yet who decides when greater good turns into necessary evil?

And if that makes you kind of giddy, why not take a look at the intro cinematic:

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When it comes to EVE Online, one of the great things that CCP does is release updates to the game consistantly to try and keep things fresh and always changing. With the Rhea update that was just released we are getting exactly that.


  • 100 new wormhole systems have been discovered in the wake of mysterious events in New Eden
  • A newly revealed wormhole system, Thera, is a location unlike any other in the universe and is home to four fully-equipped stations with a staggering amount of entry points. At over 340 astronomical units (AU) end to end, it is unparalleled in size and scope
  • New exploration sites sit amidst the shattered remnants of heavenly bodies, all pieces of a curious puzzle that may include the emergence of ominous Sleeper scouts from their wormhole havens into known space.
  • With some of the most stunning visual updates since the Trinity expansion, EVE has added physically based rendering to support the tremendous beauty and artistry of each of its hundreds of spaceships. In addition, the iconic EVE star map has undergone renovations and a functionality overhaul and a new beta version is open for testing
  • EVE's User Interface (UI) is modernized with more recognizable icons and an epic science fiction feel. A new opt-in keyboard ship control "WASD" feature means pilots can feel the full power of navigating their deadly ships
  • In the name of more explosions, the clone upgrade system and skillpoint loss upon death have been eliminated. Veteran players are expected to put more on the line in battle and new players feel less of a sting upon their first defeats
  • Lethal new polarized weapons deliver superior damage and tracking in exchange for all damage resistance, allowing for the perfect "glass cannon" setup
  • Two new unique ships provide gameplay opportunities in EVE's massive sandbox. The Amarr Confessor tactical destroyer is able to switch seamlessly between defensive, speed and sniper modes during a fight. The ORE Bowhead freighter is a logistics behemoth able to carry fully fitted battleships throughout the galaxy. The ongoing ship redesign effort brings glorious new visuals to the Blackbird, Rook, Falcon, Incursus, Onyx and Eagle

For the complete patch notes details, be sure to follow this link here or just watch the video below.

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If you're looking for something creative and fun to play on your gaming rig that is not a console, then you'll be interested to know that the Dead Island: Epidemic Beta is now open and doing its thing. From the press release:

All-New PvE-Mode: Crossroads
Crossroads enriches the PvE experience in DI:E. It offers a bigger variation, higher replayability and more challenge, regardless of skill level. Both beginners and veterans get access to a mode where they can have a lot of fun while at the same time unifying the game experience across both PVE and PvP.

Progression System Overhaul
Levels for individual characters have been removed: There is now a global character level that applies to each character and unlocks apply to each character once you reach a new level.

Crafting Overhaul
Weapon leveling and workbench levels have been removed and a new loot-based weapon modification has been introduced: As they complete matches players can now earn weapon modifications (which are divided into rarity: common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary) which offer progressively more powerful and unique gameplay altering perks.

Passive Skills
Character weapon expertise has been removed and instead every character now has a unique passive ability.

Loot System Rework
Smarter drop system has been added which ensures more guaranteed drops and less randomness.

The full extensive patch notes for the update can be found at

Dead Island: Epidemic is a fast-paced multiplayer action hack & slash where players will duke it out over supply points, using an arsenal of crafted weaponry, a bevy of devastating powers, and good old-fashioned teamwork. And yea, we?ve got zombies too, so there?s that.

Dead Island: Epidemic is available as a Free-to-Play PC title on Steam and features all the trademark elements that are part of a Dead Island experience.

Head over to to sign up and shoot after watching the video below:

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