About Us

Joystickwidow was created by my (WebPimp/XanthViper) significant other. One night, while in a heavy multi-player action on Xbox, she stated to me she was a "Xbox Widow" because she wanted to watch something on Lifetime like "A insert here Story" and I was a little busy so I said not now. Anyway, after some talk amongst friends, it sounded like it would be a fun idea to create a sight that just reports on gaming and also shows all of those gamers out there like me what it is we are missing as we play games into all hours of the night. Tripod is a comedy group out of Australia. The video here is from a comedy festival to where they performed their song "Make You Happy Tonight" and quite honestly is exactly what describes the process of how our website was actually thought of and created. We consider it priceless!.

The website is also a long term development project in which, when we get around to it, find new things on the web when it comes to .NET technology and would like to implement it. Meaning we sometimes use it for skill upgrades since we are software developers. Most of the time the code is entirely on the server side and you'll never actually see what we are doing. Which is the point right?

We have been mentioned in many places on the web and early on we were kept a decent record of them. Now, it's too much of a pain to do. We kept the early list though for nostalgia purposes: Joystiq.com mention...sort of and here, also here, but not here, it's just a link for/about me. We are mentioned here also (sort-of), as well as kind of here.

WebPimp :: Charlie McCracken

  • Title: Owner, Developer, Awesome
  • GamerTag: XanthViper
  • Wii Console Number: 6216-1567-8117-4405
  • PSN GamerTag: Xanth_Viper

Analogfight :: Mike Greybill

  • Title: Co-Editor
  • GamerTag: Analogfight
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If you are looking to get in touch with me for anything, you can email me mike@joystickwidow.com Also look for me on Twitter, Facebook, and Xbox360.