Wolfenstein: The New Order - PAX Prime 2013
Posted: 8/30/2013 8:03:05 PM
By: WebPimp

Today I had the pleasure of stopping by the Bethesda booth and was given the opportunity to get my hands on Wolfenstein: The New Order.  As always the press team with Bethesda are exceptional with introductions and then I was whisked away into a back room to where the other media nerds like myself end up.  In front of me was a lovely display showing the Wolfenstein title and William “B.J.” Blazkowicz standing there in profile looking rather swell. I am given some simple instructions on where the game is at timeline wise and was told to have at it. Without giving too much away, the game starts off in the 1940’s, WWII my friends, and you start by storming a castle. From there things kind of go wrong and you have to make a difficult choice from which I am told will come back again in the future. So, chose wisely. At this point I’ll choose to stop with the storyline because it will kind of ruin things and I am not in the mood to do that to you today.

Graphically, the game is super pretty and you can tell that Machine Games took their time in making sure that as you move around the world, you will enjoy all of the little details you would expect if you were walking through a castle. Your enemies, Nazi’s of course, look very well done and you get a sense that the buckles stand out as they would in real life along with the uniforms on the officers being impeccably pressed.  Which leads to the weapons within the game. Besides a standard knife, you get a nice looking pistol and machine gun with careful attention made to the detail of your hand canon. When firing your guns, you feel the response nicely in your hands through the controllers rumble packs. Visually the guns move nicely as you fire rounds and you will accurately run your aim upward from rapid firing so you need to control your burts.

Sound wise it is apparent they put a lot of time and effort into making your world  feel the way it should. If you’re out in the open on a field of battle, you get the sounds of war buzzing around your head; if you happen to be in a room where a rather large steampunk looking creature breaks through the floor and pops the skull of your comrade, you get the sounds you think should be heard.  Overall, I left with the impression that I will have this game in my living room on the day it releases. I only had a hour with it but was impressed with it’s quality, gameplay, and sense of being put into the game. Be sure to have this on your wishlist.