Ok. So what exactly is the "WIDOWS" page. Well essentially this is where we would like to feature all of the lonely significant others out there that would like to show off to the world what is out there while they are a slave to their console.
Kind of a little gallery if you will. Let me explain a little more. Essentially my wife, bless her soul, claims that she is an XBOX widow. I like to play games, and unfortunately at times I will spend a few days in front of the 55" before I realize I have a really hot chick that wants to play with me. Get it?

So, for all of you Joystick Widows out there, models are included, you can feature yourself on our site to show your significant other what it is they are missing while they get angry at the little bastard 12 year old whose kicking their ass at insert first person shooter here.

What are we looking for specifically? Please remember, this is a GAMERS website. Meaning if you happen to have a picture or two of you playing a game or holding your favorite hand held, then you will make us all jump for joy.
Anything else? Nope. We are pretty lenient in what it is we put on this site.

So, if you are interested, please fill out the information below and we can go from there.

Hope to hear from you soon.  webpimp@joystickwidow.com

In order to begin, please fill out as much of this as you can.
Email Address:     
Gamer Tag:  
Favorite Game:
Extra Information about yourself.
We're going to be honest here, we don't care what it is you send us. So submit what you will. We expect this portion of the site to get PAST the PG-13 range.  And for those of you worried about who retains rights to these pictures, you do, not us.

If you have more images you would like to send to us, please email them to: webpimp@joystickwidow.com


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