Ok. So what exactly is the "WIDOWS" page. Well essentially this is where we would like to feature all of the lonely significant others out there that would like to show off to the world what is out there while they are a slave to their console.


If you are interested in getting yourself on our website or would like to know more details about what it is we are looking for, then please click here:

Widows Application

Name: Rene Paris
GamerTag: ReneParisMod83
Website: Click Here
Favorite Game: Forza Motor Sports

I am a student and a model in Ohio. I love to meet new people! I have been in such magazines as FHM and Stuff. I have been modeling for over two years and love fast cars!


Name: Tiffany Lynn
GamerTag: miss meow
Website: Click Here
Favorite Game: Mario Bros series

I'm just a girl from Detroit trying to make it in this big crazy world! Thank you for giving me this opportunity. Enjoy my pics!XoXo =^..^=

WebPimp's Note: Remember how you once ate so much candy when you were young, that you basically hurled because of it, and then suddenly could no longer eat it. I'm thinking that just suddenly reversed itself.

Name: Jesse-Lynne
GamerTag: Jesse-Lynne
Website: www.Jessie-Lynne.com
Favorite Game: Rock band, Guitar Hero, Mario Kart for my Wii!

I love being behind the camera as much as I love to be in front of one!"

WebPimp's Note: Jesse has this look about her that is fascinating. On one hand you have a girl that is quite beautiful and mysterious, and yet she totally looks like she could physically kick your ass while playing Rock Band or Guitar Hero.  We like that!

Name: Oro Mali
GamerTag: Pimento.Inferno
Website: Click Here
Favorite Game: Pacman, Tetris, Gran Turismo, Silent Hill, most RPG's, ...

I love music, traveling, whiskey, art in all its forms, intelligence, anything that's old school, dreaming, humor, muscle cars, dirt bikes, raspberry sorbet, sunny days, sarcasm, hanging out with good friends... I don't take myself too seriously, I'm a hell of a multitasker, I spend most of my time laughing and I can definitely say that I'm one passionate little thing. Other than that? I'm a welder, a painter, a model and a car body worker... among other things!

WebPimp's Note: When we saw Oro, we were completely intrigued by her photos and her attitude. We liked it! Then when we received her bio, we suddenly become really confused. She's incredible looking, plays games, and loves whiskey, welds, and works on cars.  Oro...Will you marry me!?!

Name: Chelsea Christian
GamerTag: mordsithcara
Website: Click Here
Favorite Game: World of Warcraft, Devil May Cry series, Portal

I've been into video games much longer than I've been into modeling, and it's always been a love of mine! I've played through Portal more times than I can count, and I titled my blog after it. I spend waaaaay too much time playing World of Warcraft. For the horde! Glory to the Sin'dorei! I've dressed up in Princess Leia's slave costume two years in a row. I've done an entire set based on Tron. I'm into basically anything nerd-related, and I'm proud of it! I have an entire list of characters I want to cosplay as, and I'm dying to do all of them!

WebPimp's Note: When we came across Chelsea, we were like "ok...she's a pretty cool chick" Then she submitted her bio and her "pretty cool" factor skyrocketed into "Can we marry you!!?"

Name: Seanna
GamerTag: Seanna
Website: Click Here
Favorite Game: GTA: San Andreas

When we asked her about the Hot Coffee mod, she stated: "yea i saw it....i thought it was pretty funny....i just cant believe someone actually put that in the game...amazing.."

Alright! We like that!

Name: Aneliese
GamerTag: Bunny
Website: Click Here
Favorite Game: Leisure Suit Larry

I am a model and actress.

WebPimp: A gamer with "ample" assets who goes by the name of "bunny" while playing Leisure Suite Larry. What more could you ask for!

Name: Veronika Kotlajic
GamerTag: Aeon Flux
Website: www.perfectmuse.com
Favorite Game: Blood Rayne

I am an artists model, fantasy couture designer, web designer and huge geek. I play video games and read comic books. I have modeled for over 200 artists and been honored to be part of some amazing work like the main charcter Eva for Dungeon Siege . I also have my own book out published by Heavy Metal Magazine and am a 3x Playboy centerfold. I have designed many a costume and attend conventions regularly.

Web Pimp: There is something primal about Veronika that makes you want to get all Schwarzenegger with her.

Name: Angela Denton
GamerTag: MsPoisoness
Website: Click Here
Favorite Game: Mortal Kombat

I grew up on old school Nintendo & Sega & I still prefer my old school games! I've been a model for 5 years & a gamer since I was about 13 yrs old. In my past time I enjoy rockin out, modeling & kicking my boyfriends ass in Mortal Kombat VS DC!

WebPimp's Note: Anytime, and we mean ANYTIME, a lovely lady like Angela sends in a picture with two skeleton hands acting as pasties, she immediately gets logged into the "I wish I could just hang with her book". If only my hands were the size of those hands...

Name: Sarah Clayton
Website: Click Here
Favorite Game: Tetris

Hi my name is Sarah.  As far as gaming in concerned I am an old school girl.  Tetris, Ms Pacman, and Mario Brothers are my games!  For some information about me, I love modeling, I do all types of shoots from glamour, lingerie, swimsuits, artistic nudes, advertisements, and some playboy style images too.  So if anybody out there needs a model let me know.

WebPimp's Note: As you can see, Sarah games from time to time and when she does, it's purely for the old school goodness while she waits to be photographed.  I mean, with these pictures, one has to ask: Am I really doing the right thing here pushing this control pad?

Name: Jenn Thomas
GamerTag: Jr0cK
Website: www.jennthomas.com
Favorite Game: Crash Bandicoot 3



Name: Shteena
GamerTag: Shteena
Website: Click Here
Favorite Game: Bejeweled

Extra Info - I am JUST ME. I believe in LOVE, life, gratitude, and giving back. I come from a big, solid family that I love with all my heart. I live in sunny California :-) I am the most down to earth, genuine girl you can meet.....living my life as I have been blessed, have fun with what I do-and so far it has been quite an interesting ride. Life is a blessing, to be enjoyed and lived out to the fullest. Thanks for viewing, God Bless.

WebPimp's Note: In our discussions with Shteena before she came on board, we can honestly say that she is what she says she is "down to earth". Which really translates to "girl you'd want to take home to mom"  :)

Name: Sith Vixen
GamerTag: Centinela
Website: www.sithvixen.com
Favorite Game: MXO, Quake, MOHA, Halo, Enter the Matrix, Myst, Dungeon Siege

I'm not just some model posting on here for exposure, I really do enjoy games, science fiction, costuming, replica props and yes, science fiction conventions. GeekGirl! I've been to lan parties and I've stayed up all night kicking my friends asses on various games. I design science fiction and fantasy costumes and do professional modeling as a hobby. My full time career is in the computer industry as a network admin/help desk manager. I've occasionally been a joystickwidow when my signifcant other plays a game I'm not into.  But I figure that is better than being a football widow...


Name: Mandy
GamerTag: sqwaaaa
Website: Click Here
Favorite Game: Halo 3

I love any sort of high skill level game. I am an ex gymnast,dancer, and cross country running. Love riding dirt bikes :]

WebPimp's Note: When we found Mandy, we were like "hey...she's got something we like".  Perhaps when we were reading some of her more in depth non gamer associated bio, it was the fact she claims she has a big heart.  So perhaps it's the fact she touches our softer side.  Then we envision her killing us with a sniper round in Halo 3 also, so maybe that has something to do with it as well.

Name: Janie Andrews
GamerTag: MagicallyDelicious
Website: Click Here
Favorite Game: All things Madden

Free spirited firecracker!

WebPimp's note:  Ok look. we are going to be honest with you here. Janie is more of the model type. She has had her hands on the joystick to play some Madden games because she likes football, but her real deal is looking good. I mean come on, look at that profile picture of hers. Slight bite of the bottom lip. It's enough to make you throw down that Wii controller and run over there.

Janie is a complete sweetheart and as such, anyone who is lucky enough to be her significant other is one lucky person indeed!  Thanks for being part of our site!

Name: Sonia Wild
Website: www.soniawild-official.co.uk
Favorite Game: Tetris

Bubbly UK model looking for work! Check me out!

WebPimp's Note: Ok look. she may not be a total gamer, but damn, you know you wish you had game on her. Especially when she says "Check me out!"

Name: Samantha Buxton
GamerTag: samanthabuxton
Website: www.samanthabuxton.com
Favorite Game: Zelda Series

Samantha is a model from London England! In her spare time between shoots and looking amazingly delicious, she tries to get some gaming in with her favorite game series of Zelda.Check out my crazy myspace page also www.myspace.com/samanthabuxton<

WebPimp's Note:  There is just something about the girls from the UK. They look fantastic, have a brassy wit about them, and almost make you want to defect to their country.  Samantha has a tight pull on us.

Name: Bella Lane
GamerTag: BellaL
Website: www.beautifulbellalane.com
Favorite Game: Tomb Raider

I live in Ohio, and model part time.  I love to go fishing and camping and sit around the campfire and laugh with my friends. I love snicker bars and I am afraid of the dark, I dont like liver and I am a junk food junkie.. I could live off of chocolate chip cookies, and I dont share them when I get em....lol :)  so thats me in five seconds...lol  

WebPimp: Bella another one of our awesome heroes and an original Widows model. It is our sole goal to have her digitatized and put into a video game for the things she has done to for us has been awesome!

Name: Christie Corruption
GamerTag: christiecorruption22
Website: Click Here
Favorite Game: GTA(all), god of war, the sims(all) and all the MOH.

hello my name is christie, i first started my gaming when i picked up an Nintendo controller.. Super Mario brothers..;) but since then Ive been a Sony girl, i have owned every play station but three and have spent countless hours gaming. Im very easy going and on my free time love to draw! and even though i love my fair shared of action and fps Im trying to open my mind to Rpgs as well

WebPimp's Note: She's a declared Sony girl in her own words and has a taste for FPS style games.  However she's open to Role Playing which we like to read. 

Name: Missy Robinson
GamerTag: -
Website: www.MissyOnline.tv
Favorite Game: Still LOVE PacMan, but love Guitar Hero too. hehe!

JUST A LITTLE ABOUT ME........ To share a little bit about myself, I am a very laid back, and an easy going girlie. I love to have fun, and I love to joke around and laugh. I like to make the photographer as comfortable as possible with me during our shoot, as well as myself. I feel that if one or the other is uneasy - it will DEFINITELY show in the photos. I feel to create great images, the model and photographer have to develop "almost" this "relationship" with one another on the set. It's almost like dancing....So I try my best to make sure that everyone is as comfortable as possible, in hopes of creating the BEST images of art and glamour!

WebPimp's Note: Missy has been with us almost since the very beginning. It's almost as if she made a man out of this young boy of a site back then.  We have a special place for her here and love it when she drops us emails from time to time.

Name: Ulorin Vex
Website: www.ulorinvex.com
Favorite Game: Final Fantasy 7

I draw pictures of cute girls and dragons when I'm not modelling, which probably gives some hint to the type of game I'm into ;) I mostly play RPGs like FF, Baldurs Gate etc but I also have a soft spot for Halo 2 :D As part of my modelling work I am playing the part of Ghost Widow from City of Villains at the game launch in London this month. Cool huh! Now I just need to get a job being Bloodrayne! :D

WebPimp: You know, with her saying she needs a job as Bloodrayne, this proves she's on the right track!

Name: Danielle Trixie
GamerTag: -
Website: Click Here
Favorite Game: Super Mario Cart

I am a full time model and I love what I do. I also have two cats at home which I love to death. I am also going to school part time.


Name: Rayna
GamerTag: Shiskababe
Website: www.raynapitter.com
Favorite Game: IQ


WebPimp: Rayna is one of our original Widows and is probalby the sweetest girl out there. One day we will pry her away from her significant other and... well, thats pretty much where it ends because we have no game at that point.

Name: Tara Babcock
GamerTag: TaraBabcockx
Website: Click Here
Favorite Game: God of War, Metal Gear Solid, Assassin's Creed, Mortal Kombat, Super Mario Bros, Starcraft, Warcraft

My name is Tara Babcock and I am a professional model currently located in Seattle, Wa. When I am not traveling and modeling I am either at the gym working out, having an amazing sex life, shopping, spending time with my fans, or playing videogames. I am also writing for Impulse Gamer doing game reviews and more on the site. Some of my favorite games include: God of War, Metal Gear Solid, Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, Persona 2&3, Warcraft Series, World of Warcraft (I have a lvl 55, 2 DKs and a lvl 10), All mario Bros games especially the old school ones, Final Fantasy, Tekken 3 and so much more! Come check me out on myspace, facebook and many other places! Google me, I'm everywhere! :D

WebPimp's Note:  Tara has a whole lot of interests and I don't believe there is one that we would be like "nah...I don't think I want to do that...that's boooorrring!"  Tara is definitely not boring.  Tara recently got in touch with us to let us know she is now doing reviews on Impulse Gamer every other week.  Again...Tara is definitely not boring. We like that!

Name: Larisa Burdeynaya
GamerTag: Dippy21
Favorite Game: Ratchet and Clank Series

"I'm a cool girl"

WebPimp's note: With a comment, and pictures, like that, we can't agree more! Larisa is one amazing women. She's done a lot for us and we truly thank and worship her for that! She gives hope to many geeks out there that one day, perhaps, we'll have a girl as hot as her!
[09.07.2011]: We made this statement a few years back after Larisa had joined our site. We want to say we still hold true to our statement. She is an exceptionally awesome Widow and it would be in your best interest to have her on your "I know her list" of people.

Name: Himitsu
GamerTag: Himitsu/Corinth/kaze_no_sennyo/kaffeebohne
Favorite Game: Anything Final Fantasy, COD: Black Ops

Hi there all you lovely people. I'm an art addicted anime dork, who spends most of her free time goofing off, gaming, working out, and chilling with my spiffy friends. I enjoy art modeling for fun, and experiment with photography whenever I get the chance.  I draw, I ski, I get off on watching my NJ Devils kick the crap out of the NHL, I bake really amazing cherry-peach pies, and just generally enjoy life.  My most recent gaming addictions are FFXI and FFXII, and if you're looking for me, I'm Himitsu on the Ramuh server.   ;) Hit me up... Ciao!

WebPimp's note: Any girl who has an amazing cherry-pie is utterly fantastic in our book!  See you online Himitsu!

Name: Shannon Tate
GamerTag: -
Website: www.shannontate.net
Favorite Game: Blitz The League

I am a twenty year old model. I live in Orlando Florida. I love meeting new people and I am always up for a new challenge.

WebPimp - OK...I challenge you to a jello fight!?

Name: Psychedelic Babe
GamerTag: PsychedelicBabe
Website: Xbox Live Nation
Favorite Game: Burnout Revenge

I am a contents editor for XLN i love playing my xbox and i love BR i am currently ranked #10 out of 750000 people  :)  fastest girl on burnout .... and i play every other game too .... but racing genres aremy speciality  :)  my b/f plays alot too....too much  :)

WebPimp Note: It's ALWAYS a pleasure to have a Widow from across the pond. Having Psychedelic Babe here on the site with us kind of makes us want to find a bag of shrooms, sit back, and watch her burn through some game time on Burnout Revenge. Something tells us this would be ultra trippy.

Name: Lesliann Ramos
GamerTag: -
Website: Click Here
Favorite Game: Halo 2

"I am very easy, energetic, and fun person to work with. I do consider myself in shape."

Webpimp's note: Ok. that is a quote directly from her application form. All I can say is I know we are missing the word "going" after the fourth word in the sentence. Seriously though; Lesliann is a very nice person and we are glad to have her on here with us.

Name: Savanna Lloyd
GamerTag: SavannaRae
Website: Click Here
Favorite Game: Guitar Hero II

Hey all... I'm a 20-year old model from Jacksonville FL. I'm super old-school with my gaming, I still reguarly play my Super Nintendo, gotta love anything Mario Brothers. But some of the best times I've had is kicking back with some friends, playing beer pong and Guitar Hero. Probably nothing better :) Thanks for checking me out guys!

WebPimp's Comment: You have to love a girl that plays Beer Pong, GH II, and still goes back to the days of playing on her Super Nintendo.  In a way, she almost brings a tear to our eyes.  We're are so happy to have you with us Savanna!

GamerTag: -
Website: www.monica-harris.com
Favorite Game: -

Hi!I'm a Model from Geordie land ha! and have been modelling just over 9 years.I have been published in most Lads Mags and various Newspapers too.Monica x

WebPimp: With Monica being from the UK, all I can say is is that if the women look like that over, and actually talk to us gamers, then i'm moving!

Name: Sin Cera
GamerTag: Hypnox
Website: www.myspace.com/syn_cera
Favorite Game: World of Warcraft

I'm part Colombian and German and have a highly addictive personality very much like the game I frequent (WOW). I'm not very much of a console person and like karaoke, movies and love good music. Check out Sin Cera's interview we did with her.

WebPimp's Note: If there were ever a reason to sin, Sin Cera would be the reason why.  We sit here and drool daily just looking at her knowing that if we actually played WoW, she could easily grind us into the dirt.

Name: Crystal Hemphill
GamerTag: CrystalHemphill
Website: Click Here
Favorite Game: Call of Duty, FIFA, UFC

Hey y'all! What up?! I grew up in Houston, Texas and now live in Miami, Florida. I like to stay busy and I am a jack of all trades! Currently I am the Director of Sales at iRenew, VIP Server at Club Mansion, and a model/spokes model. My little brother is the one who introduced me into the gaming world. In my free time I like to box, dance, play video games, and cook! I have always loved FIFA, but I can't get enough of the new UFC game. I will kick your a** in FIFA any day! :pThanks for checking me out! xoxoJoin my fan page on facebook! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Crystal-Hemphill/79036089493?ref=mf

WebPimp's Note: Over the past few weeks, I have been losing faith in the widow world if you will, but with Crystal here with us now, she has totally Renew'd my faith!

Name: Scarlet Shaylen
GamerTag: Cme2night8
Website: Click Here
Favorite Game: Gears of War/ any RPG or Sci-Fi shooter

I have been modeling on and off for about 2 and a half years now. I enjoy getting to show my fun and goofy side in front of the camera!! as for my video game skills that is another story. I worked at gamestop for 2 years and know everything there is to know about the XBOX 360 and the games included. Not many guys know this but I am a big nerd.....

WebPimp's Note: We like Scarlet. We won't lie. She loves GoW, worked at Gamestop for a ton of time, and can probably hang quite well with the guys in any environment. A girl we like. But we have one question the comes to mind each time we look at her photos in the gallery Scarlet...Do you roll natural 20's?

Name: Brandi Marie
GamerTag: BrandiMarie
Website: Click Here
Favorite Game: Soul Calibur 3

Hello!!! I am a 25 year old woman from Birmingham AL. Since I was a wee child, I myself have been a gamer. First the Nintendo, next...the Gameboy, and then, surley, Super Nintento. Went on to the Gamecube and Playstation. Now I'm with the Playstation 2. I got the pleasure of attending E3 in L.A. in 2006. There, they introduced the Wii, Playstation 3, and X Box 360. I got to play the 360 and Playstation 3, but there was an 8 hour waiting line for the Wii. Aside from all that, I am a free spirited soul who loves to travel and does it often. I work as a full time model, and when I'm not traveling, I'm in the gym or planted on my couch shooting up folks in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. I'm not much of a partier...I did WAY too much of that in my early 20's. Now I'm more career oriented and I try to stay out of trouble ;) I hope you enjoy my pics...and thanks for reading my book of an introduction!

WebPimp's Comment: 25 Years of blonde goodness is what we have with Brandi. She's fantastically smart, plays on just about every console she has been able to get her hands on and is totally familiar with the "hot coffee mod".  Her favorite game is Soul Caliber. Honestly, we would be more than happy to give her our soul if she asked for it. No questions asked.

Name: Natalie Neale
GamerTag: acid_grave
Website: Click Here
Favorite Game: FFVII

I am one of those wild card sorts. I can and do everything. ;) When I am not gaming on my random consoles (Atari, Nintendo, SNES, Sega, Nintendo64, Playstation, PS2, XBOX) I am out there reading, writing, drawing, modeling, and being a role play nerd. I sleep with my Playstation controller at night. She's a lovely white hunk of plastic. I own over 300 video games and I am a die hard 2-bit fan. Although the Nintendo Wii is innovative, I would still throw my body in front of a bus for a Playstation3!!!!!!!

WebPimp: Natalie; There's just something about you that intrigues us. Either it's the fact you sleep with you playstation controller, or the fact you have more games than us.

Name: Jessica Dahl
GamerTag: JJ Dahl
Website: Click Here
Favorite Game: Old school Quake, Half-Life, and Guitar Hero III

Model, makeup artist, drama queen, gym addict, vegan, Straight EDGE, tea junkie, I love boys that wear makeup, my chihuahuas name is Paris, I live in Toronto and LA, nerds are sexy, brunettes freak me out, everything is better with glitter on it, I hate mean people, rock music is my life, hardcore rap is like sex, I dont watch TV but Family Guy DVDs are all I need, kids are gross, I wear black clothes ALL THE TIME, diamonds are a girls best friend. Love you.

WebPimp's Comment:  You know; Ms. Dahl is not from across the pond(not that we know of), but she reminds us of a brassy girl from the UK out doing her thing and having a good time.  Her profile is fantastic and her pictures....they initiate the process of having your jaw drop to the ground and sudden salivation begin.  Jessica is slammin!

Name: Rabbit
Website: Click Here
Favorite Game: Heroes of might & Magic 3-5

What can i tell i am fun person, love life and enjoying every drop of it, love to party, like to be in big companies, love dancing, drinking beer listen to techno, love to pose in front of camera specialy nude ( Glamour, nude modeling)...hmmm what else well ask i can tell :) xoxoIf any one interesting can tell story about why ny nick Rabbit :)

WebPimp: Oh my god...you can just "hear" how hot her accent is.  Jesus....I wish she would come over to the states!!

Name: Kiara
GamerTag: MzHuntergirl
Website: www.kiarahunter.com
Favorite Game: Assassins Creed, Half-Life, COD, GoW, L.A. Noire, and more

Kiara is the Founder and Creative Director of an innovative and integral company that focuses on styling for the single man while preserving the lifestyle and passion of each client. She is a Fashion Stylist and Image Consultant based in NYC. Kiara has been playing video games since inception and prefers Campaign based games as well as First Person Shooters. Her favorite games are Gears of War, Call of Duty, Bio Shock, Assassins Creed, Half-Life, LA Noire, GTA Series, and many more. She reviews games periodically and enjoys LIVE when she has time to engage. Kiara is also an actress, singer and active athlete. She loves film, the arts, culinary experiences, travel and working for various charities.

WebPimp's Note: For starters, Kiara has so many favorite games that we had to move the complete list here for you to check out:

Kiara's List of Favorite Games: Gears of War 1 and 2, Mirrors Edge, Call of Duty series, Half-Life series, Mafia, Grand Theft Auto series, Rainbow 6, Metal of Honor series, Metal Gear, Deus Ex, Halo series, Bioshock, Quake Series, Fallout 3, Assasins Creed, the Star War Series and the Tomb Raider series (probably more but I can't remember them all!) whew!
With that aside, there is so much to like about Kiara we don't even know where to begin.  She's a total FPS lover and can probably kick your ass easily, whether it be in the cyber world or real.  She has her own comic book series in development. And she is probably one of the hottest women out there. Makes you wonder sometimes, who really is on the other side of the mic when playing online and you're acting like a jackass.

Name: Bethany Parker
GamerTag: xxbeth16xx
Website: Click Here
Favorite Game: COD or fable 3 or skyrim :D

My name is Bethany Parker 19 year old model from Liverpool. My model name Cara Red. When I'm not modelling I either work in a club or I LOVE to play on the Xbox n kiss lads asses on COD :p. They never seem to believe its really a girl.

WebPimp's Comment: Not going to lie, we have a thing for girls in red. Bethany gets a +1 from us because she's got the super hot looking ginger look. We dig that. We'd dig it even more if she'd chase us down with that bike of hers she's riding in her gallery. We would accidentally fall if she'd come save us.

Name: Veronica C
GamerTag: veronica
Website: Click Here
Favorite Game: Diablo, Guitar Hero, COD, NHL 2010

Veronica is a 23 year old Canadian lass who one day will be tattooing your girlfriend's ass! She sent in a quote stating: "Die hard Montreal Canadiens fan, that would surely rock you in COD."

WebPimp's Note: We figure any girl who sends a picture in giving us the finger is really a romantic at heart.


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