Ulorin Vex

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  • Name: Ulorin Vex
  • GamerTag: ULORIN_VEX
  • Website: www.ulorinvex.com
  • Favorite Game: Final Fantasy 7
  • Email Address:

I draw pictures of cute girls and dragons when I'm not modelling, which probably gives some hint to the type of game I'm into ;)
I mostly play RPGs like FF, Baldurs Gate etc but I also have a soft spot for Halo 2 :D
As part of my modelling work I am playing the part of Ghost Widow from City of Villains at the game launch in London this month. Cool huh! Now I just need to get a job being Bloodrayne! :D

WebPimp: You know, with her saying she needs a job as Bloodrayne, this proves she's on the right track!

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