Jessica Dahl

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  • Name: Jessica Dahl
  • GamerTag: JJ Dahl
  • Website: Click Here
  • Favorite Game: Old school Quake, Half-Life, and Guitar Hero III
  • Email Address:

Model, makeup artist, drama queen, gym addict, vegan, Straight EDGE, tea junkie, I love boys that wear makeup, my chihuahuas name is Paris, I live in Toronto and LA, nerds are sexy, brunettes freak me out, everything is better with glitter on it, I hate mean people, rock music is my life, hardcore rap is like sex, I dont watch TV but Family Guy DVDs are all I need, kids are gross, I wear black clothes ALL THE TIME, diamonds are a girls best friend. Love you.

WebPimp's Comment:  You know; Ms. Dahl is not from across the pond(not that we know of), but she reminds us of a brassy girl from the UK out doing her thing and having a good time.  Her profile is fantastic and her pictures....they initiate the process of having your jaw drop to the ground and sudden salivation begin.  Jessica is slammin!

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