Brandi Marie

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  • Name: Brandi Marie
  • GamerTag: BrandiMarie
  • Website: Click Here
  • Favorite Game: Soul Calibur 3
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Hello!!! I am a 25 year old woman from Birmingham AL. Since I was a wee child, I myself have been a gamer. First the Nintendo, next...the Gameboy, and then, surley, Super Nintento. Went on to the Gamecube and Playstation. Now I'm with the Playstation 2. I got the pleasure of attending E3 in L.A. in 2006. There, they introduced the Wii, Playstation 3, and X Box 360. I got to play the 360 and Playstation 3, but there was an 8 hour waiting line for the Wii. Aside from all that, I am a free spirited soul who loves to travel and does it often. I work as a full time model, and when I'm not traveling, I'm in the gym or planted on my couch shooting up folks in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. I'm not much of a partier...I did WAY too much of that in my early 20's. Now I'm more career oriented and I try to stay out of trouble ;) I hope you enjoy my pics...and thanks for reading my book of an introduction!

WebPimp's Comment: 25 Years of blonde goodness is what we have with Brandi. She's fantastically smart, plays on just about every console she has been able to get her hands on and is totally familiar with the "hot coffee mod".  Her favorite game is Soul Caliber. Honestly, we would be more than happy to give her our soul if she asked for it. No questions asked.

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