Sith Vixen

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  • Name: Sith Vixen
  • GamerTag: Centinela
  • Website:
  • Favorite Game: MXO, Quake, MOHA, Halo, Enter the Matrix, Myst, Dungeon Siege
  • Email Address:

I'm not just some model posting on here for exposure, I really do enjoy games, science fiction, costuming, replica props and yes, science fiction conventions. GeekGirl! I've been to lan parties and I've stayed up all night kicking my friends asses on various games. I design science fiction and fantasy costumes and do professional modeling as a hobby. My full time career is in the computer industry as a network admin/help desk manager. I've occasionally been a joystickwidow when my signifcant other plays a game I'm not into.  But I figure that is better than being a football widow...


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