Psychedelic Babe

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  • Name: Psychedelic Babe
  • GamerTag: PsychedelicBabe
  • Website: Xbox Live Nation
  • Favorite Game: Burnout Revenge
  • Email Address:

I am a contents editor for XLN i love playing my xbox and i love BR i am currently ranked #10 out of 750000 people  :)  fastest girl on burnout .... and i play every other game too .... but racing genres aremy speciality  :)  my b/f plays alot too....too much  :)

WebPimp Note: It's ALWAYS a pleasure to have a Widow from across the pond. Having Psychedelic Babe here on the site with us kind of makes us want to find a bag of shrooms, sit back, and watch her burn through some game time on Burnout Revenge. Something tells us this would be ultra trippy.

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