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  • Name: Himitsu
  • GamerTag: Himitsu/Corinth/kaze_no_sennyo/kaffeebohne
  • Website:
  • Favorite Game: Anything Final Fantasy, COD: Black Ops
  • Email Address:

Hi there all you lovely people.
I'm an art addicted anime dork, who spends most of her free time goofing off, gaming, working out, and chilling with my spiffy friends.
I enjoy art modeling for fun, and experiment with photography whenever I get the chance.  I draw, I ski, I get off on watching my NJ Devils kick the crap out of the NHL,
I bake really amazing cherry-peach pies, and just generally enjoy life. 

My most recent gaming addictions are FFXI and FFXII, and if you're looking for me, I'm Himitsu on the Ramuh server.   ;)

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WebPimp's note: Any girl who has an amazing cherry-pie is utterly fantastic in our book!  See you online Himitsu!

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