Janie Andrews

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  • Name: Janie Andrews
  • GamerTag: MagicallyDelicious
  • Website: Click Here
  • Favorite Game: All things Madden
  • Email Address:

Free spirited firecracker! 

WebPimp's note:  Ok look. we are going to be honest with you here. Janie is more of the model type. She has had her hands on the joystick to play some Madden games because she likes football, but her real deal is looking good. I mean come on, look at that profile picture of hers. Slight bite of the bottom lip. It's enough to make you throw down that Wii controller and run over there.

Janie is a complete sweetheart and as such, anyone who is lucky enough to be her significant other is one lucky person indeed!  Thanks for being part of our site!

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