Missy Robinson

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  • Name: Missy Robinson
  • GamerTag: -
  • Website: www.MissyOnline.tv
  • Favorite Game: Still LOVE PacMan, but love Guitar Hero too. hehe!
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To share a little bit about myself, I am a very laid back, and an easy going girlie. I love to have fun, and I love to joke around and laugh. I like to make the photographer as comfortable as possible with me during our shoot, as well as myself. I feel that if one or the other is uneasy - it will DEFINITELY show in the photos. I feel to create great images, the model and photographer have to develop "almost" this "relationship" with one another on the set. It's almost like dancing....So I try my best to make sure that everyone is as comfortable as possible, in hopes of creating the BEST images of art and glamour!

WebPimp's Note: Missy has been with us almost since the very beginning. It's almost as if she made a man out of this young boy of a site back then.  We have a special place for her here and love it when she drops us emails from time to time.

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