Bethany Parker

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  • Name: Bethany Parker
  • GamerTag: xxbeth16xx
  • Website: Click Here
  • Favorite Game: COD or fable 3 or skyrim :D
  • Email Address:

My name is Bethany Parker 19 year old model from Liverpool. My model name Cara Red.

When I'm not modelling I either work in a club or I LOVE to play on the Xbox n kiss lads asses on COD :p. They never seem to believe its really a girl.

WebPimp's Comment: Not going to lie, we have a thing for girls in red. Bethany gets a +1 from us because she's got the super hot looking ginger look. We dig that. We'd dig it even more if she'd chase us down with that bike of hers she's riding in her gallery. We would accidentally fall if she'd come save us.

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