Widow Interview: Sin Cera
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Posted: 9/19/2008 12:00:00 AM

We dropped an email on Sin Cera asking her a couple of our standard questions we have for our widows on the website. She responded quickly with her replies and more.

So, tell us a little about yourself? You know, where are you from, what do you do, what do you do for fun, etc. 

I'm originally from El Paso, TX but decided that my life was meant for something bigger.  Besides, El Paso has always been stuck 2 decades behind the times, and decided to move up to Dallas.  So despite my families' request to become a Doctor/Lawyer I got into Computers and Art.  And to this day, that is what I prefer to do for fun.  I build computers, work on Graphics, write poetry, read novels (currently my favorite is the Dune series), use my noodle to draw on many types of canvas, and play MMORPG's.

When did you get into gaming? How old were you?

I was probably about 5 y-o when I played my first game and just fell in love with the console.  I believe back then I worked with my brother's games because we couldn't afford the Nintendo when it came out, so we played with the Atari, and the Commodore with games like the Olympics, and Dragon Lance.  Talk about using the old fashioned Joystick!!! My brother would make fun of me if I wanted to play with my little sister and her friends outside.  At times we would take apart the consoles and see how the computers worked if there was something wrong with the games.  When we got the first computer (or so we thought) everything changed, it was the Atari ST 1000...I picked it up faster than anybody in the household.   My family asked me how to use it or asked me to type up their homework.

You mention in your profile that you are addicted to WoW. Any reasons as to why?

When I went to college someone asked me to try a precursor to WoW during my freshman year.  It was just the online RPG Text version, but I quickly became addicted and instead of going out to nightclubs, I went to my classes sleep deprived, waiting for the next minute I could get on a computer lab and play again.  When WoW came out, I was amazed at the thought that went into the game itself by Blizzard, the graphics engine is amazing and the concepts that they come up with for keeping the players interested in the game itself is wonderful.  It's really an endless storyline.  The most one can get is bored, but it doesn't happen for long before there is an update that allows players like myself to strive towards the next large goal.  And the classes are each unique in their own right.  My favorite is the Horde (yes I have an evil streak in me, teehee)!  

You say that you are not a big Console fan, any reasons why? You mention you like Karaoke. Ever thought that playing Rock Band could be a fun game to try out?

I am not a big Console fan, however I did not say that it's not fun to play during large parties.  I don't have the coordination for console games for some reason.  So my friends and myself will have large parties where we will have drinking games or just play the games and half the time laugh at my inability at being able to play them.  I don't mind making a fool of myself in front of a large group of friends that I know very well, but I've never been very good at playing Consoles since it takes allot of hand-eye coordination. 

As for the Karaoke, Yeah, I've thought of playing Rock Band, but often times, whenever I find the game, it's such a big hit the mic is being used or they don't have a mic.  But I love to sing and I would like to think that I'm good at it, so I wouldn't have a problem testing out my voice on that particular game.  It would be a new thing for me.  I can't say whether or not I would like it, but I'm always willing to try anything once.

What are you thoughts about people putting female gamers up on a pedestal and making things special because they are female? Do you think female gamers are at a 'disadvantage'?

I've always been a big believer of equality.  And yet, despite all the work we have done I don't believe that we will ever reach that equality.  I don't think that is because of the male species or the female species, I believe we both make it hard for us and give us a 'disadvantage'.  The females perpetuate the stereotype to get what they want and refuse to fight for equality when they are just as smart as other male gamers if not (at some times) work harder or are smarter than their male counterparts but rely on their sex appeal for special consideration or handicaps.  The males are no better, they keep females from taking positions of higher authority because they feel they cannot fulfill the position and make hard decisions without emotions getting in the way when some females can make cold, hard decisions better than some men I know.  I could go on and on with this subject...hehe

Xbox 360/PlayStation 3/Nintendo Wii? If you had to choose one, why?

I would probably choose the PlayStation 3 and that is because I have just seen so many cool games that I would consider playing come out on that console, however I've always wanted to try the Nintendo Wii just because of the way the controller works.

What do you like and don't like about modeling?

My Likes:  I enjoy the time it gives me to spend doing the things I love, and when I'm working it's like I get to be a totally different person.  I've been able to meet so many different people it's crazy!  Every picture I add to my portfolio is like putting time in a bottle, I am capturing the best years of my life down on paper and I never even expected this to happen to me.  I'm hoping to change the way people look at models.

My Dislikes: I hate the way people look at me or the way the conversation turns when they find out I'm a model.  There are millions of models out there that can't read, spell, write, model, and will do anything for a quick picture.  And they make intelligent models like myself look terrible and give us a bad reputation.  Everyone thinks I'm either dumb and to be taken advantage of, or the only true model is someone ridiculously tall, stick-thin, does nothing but run-way and has a paid gig with some magazine or agent every day of the week and always travels.

What do you see yourself doing in the future?

Hopefully being that Big time Model, but if that doesn't happen, then I hope to take the money that I've earned and putting it towards charity for a no kill animal shelter.  Of course this is after I've gotten my degree in Graphic Design for designing computer games.  What can I say I am truly a Geek. :D

Any last words for us lonely gamers?

Don't change anything, you will always find what you are looking for the minute you stop looking for it.

Words from the wise!  All those guys that go out there every night to night clubs and try to find that one girl will never find her. (Besides, they repulse me)  I've always thought the computer guys were hot.  They could actually hold a conversation with me and use correct grammar. ;)

We thank Sin Cera for her time and ask that you be sure to check out her profile page and gallery.

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